ClickScroll 2

ClickScroll gives your Mac an highly-addictive feature: scrolling without scrollbars and scroll wheels.
No need to move your eyes anymore when you need to scroll a web page or a text document - simply call ClickScroll once and gently move your mouse around.
ClickScroll supports multi-button mice for a fast access, as well as single-button ones. It is the perfect scrolling software for laptops users.

What's new in version 2:
  • ClickScroll can now be activated by key combinations
  • Mouse-wheel click activation can now be configured (version 2.1)

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Seamless integration

ClickScroll can be called in virtually every Mac OS X application (Finder, Mail, Safari, Internet Explorer, Word, Photoshop, etc).

Themes support

Do you want to create your own ClickScroll theme? Use the ClickScroll Interface Builder and let your creativity work for you !

Visual Feedback

ClickScroll lets you know what it is doing all the time with a Mac OS X-friendly interface.

2D Scrolling

ClickScroll supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling to provide a richer experience.


ClickScroll is only €6 - buy it now, enjoy it forever.

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