Media Indexer 2

Media Indexer is a media indexing tool. It can index your CDs and DVDs as well as your local and external hard drives. You just have to index your media once, then browse them whenever you want - even after you moved them to another room!
Media Indexer supports most of Mac OS X 10.4 technologies to make your user experience more enjoyable ! You can try this software for free for 15 days, fully functional. .

With Media Indexer, you can :
  • Simply index your CDs, or create large indexes of DVDs and local drives
  • Do lightning-fast searches to find your indexed files
  • Take advantage of a Mac OS X Finder-like file browser
  • Create catalogs to manage your indexes
  • Export your indexes as HTML pages
  • Take advantage of the automatic indexation feature
  • And much more!

What's new since Media Indexer 2.0 :
  • Remembers main window's position and size (version 2.5)
  • Index updating function (version 2.4)
  • Now exports icons when exporting to HTML
  • Contextual menu in main window
  • More auto-indexing preferences
  • Software update notification
  • Ability to search in notes content
  • Support for NTFS disks

Catalogs: The best way to find your files has always been to organize them. Media Indexer has this nice catalogs feature so you can organize your indexes. To make the process easier, you can even place a single index in as many catalogs as you want.
Optimized for multi-cores: Create two items at the same time, while a search is running. Export your indexes in the meantime. Media Indexer takes advantage of multi-core systems. For example, when upgrading indexes, Media Indexer uses up to 4 cores !
Share your indexes: With Media Indexer, export your indexes to HTML pages. You can then publish them on the Web, send them to your friends... even to those still using Windows !

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Fast search

The integrated search engine makes it easy to find your files and locate where they are.

MP3 search

Media Indexer also reads ID3 tags, you can search your files by song title, artist name, or album.

Spotlight integration

Find files in your indexes from the Spotlight menu, browse your indexes from Media Indexer.


Where is this DVD ? Don't search in the whole house - just write a note that'll be attached to the index.

Multiple indexes support

Index the same volume again and again to remember how your disk was.


Manage your indexes just as you manage your music !